I just wanted to thank you for helping me with my phobia. Before now, I never thought I could walk past a **** without being terrified. However, after the last session there were two ****s only feet away from me. Unbelievably, I walked past without a single concern. I could not believe how it happened and neither did my family but it did and I am so happy to finally feel comfortable with ****s. So, thank you.


When I have fallen, you have been there, every time, to pick me up... You have been like a guardian angel whom I have been lucky enough to bump into. 


Things get better day by day.


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Your mind

Imagine your conscious mind is like your computer – full of files. You can open them, editing, adding to them and correcting mistakes as you discover them. Now imagine plugging in a memory stick and moving a file onto it – don’t copy the file, move it. Now remove the memory stick (which represents your subconscious mind). It holds the information placed there and if there are any mistakes, it preserves them exactly as they are. These mistakes can cause problems but, searching through your computer, you cannot find the file because it is not there, it is on the memory stick to which you do not have access.

Your character will either change because of these mistakes or it will change to accommodate coping mechanisms formed around these mistakes. Coping mechanisms from a long time ago can make your life a misery in the years after because they will no longer fit, as you grow older. You need to get at that file and update it but you can’t. In fact, you don’t even know which file it is. What you desperately need is to plug that memory stick back into your computer and access the directory so you can find and work on that file.

Hypnosis is like plugging that memory stick back into your computer. Hypnosis opens an interface between your conscious and subconscious minds where information can flow, forgotten or buried files can be found, mistakes can be corrected and outdated coping mechanisms can be discarded – leaving you happy with life in today’s world and tomorrow’s.

One very common coping mechanism from the past which causes problems in adult life is hiding. A child may have hidden under the covers, behind the settee or behind his or her mother when faced with something frightening. What is the easiest way for an adult to hide or make something stressful go away? Usually, it is to open a bottle and drink its contents. Sometimes, the alcohol is taken over many hours to numb things for many hours. Sometimes, it is taken in one big fast hit to reach oblivion.

It is very important to find where this coping mechanism came from because that is the problem; the drinking referred to above is only a symptom. Trying to deal with just the symptom will not do anything about the problem. Working within hypnosis does.