I just wanted to thank you for helping me with my phobia. Before now, I never thought I could walk past a **** without being terrified. However, after the last session there were two ****s only feet away from me. Unbelievably, I walked past without a single concern. I could not believe how it happened and neither did my family but it did and I am so happy to finally feel comfortable with ****s. So, thank you.


When I have fallen, you have been there, every time, to pick me up... You have been like a guardian angel whom I have been lucky enough to bump into. 


Things get better day by day.


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Your mind

Imagine your conscious mind is your computer. All the files are there and they are all indexed; you can find anything you want. Then imagine something overwhelming happens and overloads your conscious mind. Your subconscious comes along and helps out; an external hard-drive is plugged in and the overwhelming event is stored on it in order to leave no trace to be found on your computer.

When the event is over, your subconscious recedes, the external hard-drive is unplugged and your conscious mind is back in the driving seat. Now search your computer all you like, you will never find a record of that event because it is not there. It is all on the external hard-drive which is now unplugged.

One way to access the subconscious – to plug in that external hard-drive again – is to use hypnosis (or hypnotism). Now you can search that external hard-drive and find the event that overwhelmed or influenced you so long ago. You can move the file back to your computer – your conscious mind – where you can now deal with it and re-calibrate your reaction to it because you are dealing with it in a time of calm and with my help, rather than reacting to it in an overwhelming time of stress.

This is important because your subconscious charges for space used on that external hard-drive, without asking, by giving you behaviour you don’t want. That unwanted behaviour is what brought you to this website. With my help, you can be free of this unwanted behaviour and start living your life like you want to.

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