• Who are you?
  • What do you want?
  • Why do you want that?

Your character was mostly formed by your early teens. It was formed, largely, by your Ego which plotted what it thought was the best path for you based on your reactions to situations and events that presented themselves to you as you grew up. The tricky thing is that you would now view many of your perceptions of situations during your formative years as inaccurate. This is because back then, you were young, you were small, adults were in charge and many experiences were new – for the first time – and may have contained surprises. It is no wonder that you would do things differently now.

The problem is that your character is formed and calibrated – based on a child’s reactions. The way you live your life was the best way for you when you were a child but it is the only way you have ever known. Your characteristics are the same as they were back then – and that is probably not the best way today. Whilst this may make sense and you may agree with it, reading this will bring no changes. You may desperately want changes, due to unwanted behaviour patterns in your life. The way to make these changes is to regress, in hypnosis, to the times when character-forming milestones were set along the path of your life. You will then be able to judge if those milestones are still valid and discard any which are not.

The foundations of any unwanted parts of your character will be dismantled. This will bring about changes to your character, to the way you react, to the way you live your life. I offer hypnotherapy in Rutland, Stamford and Leicester for a happier life. Contact me now and talk about finding your answers.