Reiki in Oakham and Rutland, Stamford and Leicester:

Reiki is a very relaxing treatment, often bringing you a sensation of warmth or heat and sometimes tingling in the area I am applying it. Often people fall asleep during a treatment. When I use Reiki, I channel Universal Energy – not something from me. Different practitioners are open to different degrees and they channel to different degrees. The Universal Energy knows exactly what is needed and the energy delivered can vary by itself according to what is called for.

Reiki energy is natural and it naturally puts things right, back to how they should be. Obviously there are limits – such as with severe physiological problems and Reiki should not be used, for instance, in the presence of a broken bone before the bone has been set in the right position.

At a level beyond the physical, I can balance your Chakras, using Reiki. Chakra imbalance brings problems that are not easily explained or repaired by other methods – the Universal Energy will know what is needed. Whilst I can feel the imbalance and can feel when balance has been reached, again, I just channel the energy; it is no super-power of mine. I am a Reiki Master, contact me now to find what I can do for you.