I just wanted to thank you for helping me with my phobia. Before now, I never thought I could walk past a **** without being terrified. However, after the last session there were two ****s only feet away from me. Unbelievably, I walked past without a single concern. I could not believe how it happened and neither did my family but it did and I am so happy to finally feel comfortable with ****s. So, thank you.


When I have fallen, you have been there, every time, to pick me up... You have been like a guardian angel whom I have been lucky enough to bump into. 


Things get better day by day.


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EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Unexpressed emotions are stored and if they are stored with little intention of letting them out, they can become part of you and be held in your body’s meridians. This is not surprising, since the meridians carry the body’s life energy. EFT uses your body’s meridians, just like in acupuncture but without the puncture. You tap on certain points by following me as I show you by tapping on my self. At the same time you do other exercises to engage both sides of your brain. The stimulation given, as you make affirmations, clears blocked emotion.

Sometimes there can be some really deep problems which you just don’t want to face because, somewhere inside, you know they contain terror for you. With EFT, you release the emotion by concentrating on the problems caused in your life today. The energy in your meridians knows what is responsible for those problems and allows a release in response to the stimulation you are giving. Whilst this does release the emotion and this is definitely a big thing, it must be pointed out that the memory of the event(s) will still be buried and this is not the very best thing for your subconscious mind.

This is an amazing process which brings amazing results, where it is appropriate to use it. The result is that you can be free of limiting problems that have controlled your life. Contact me now and talk about EFT.

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