Help in Oakham and Rutland, Stamford and Leicester after Terminations and Miscarriages:

Have you had a miscarriage or termination recently or even twenty, thirty or forty years ago and still feel some connection to the foetus? Have you had more than one miscarriage or termination and only feel this connection with one, feeling that you have let go of the others? A foetus only a few weeks old is unlikely to know what is going on or what it did wrong at such a time. Such a spirit is almost certain to become a lost soul; it is expecting to live and grow and be born. (The spirit is often there, waiting, during the act of conception and has been know to describe the particular sperm which fertilised the egg. There is no “safe” time for an abortion or termination.)

The lost soul will return to it’s body – that’ll be the one you think of as yours because what is in the bowl on the counter is of no more use. No wonder you still feel some attachment. You will probably also feel terrible regret or guilt.

As with any other lost soul, this spirit needs helping to the Light. This will obviously be of benefit to it but will also bring a feeling of relief to you. If you feel that you have not let go yet or that your foetus has not let go of you, talk to me and see what I can do to help you to help the spirit of your lost foetus. Contact me now, I can bring this situation to a happy conclusion for all.