Spiritual Readings / Sittings in Oakham and Rutland, Stamford and Leicester:

When a spirit leaves the body at death, the normal way of things is for it to move on along the path towards its next lifetime. However, some of these spirits present themselves as available for contact while others are available for contact by invitation and some of these can be specifically asked for.

So, is this done on Facebook? No. It is done by someone who is able to make this contact from our side and make their mind accessible to those from the other side. Often a speaking dialogue happens, which is obviously interesting for someone who asked for this contact to be made. (Asking for next week’s winning Lottery numbers is not allowed!)

The medium sometimes remembers what is said and sometimes does not. Their mind and voice are temporarily used by the spirit in question and if they do remember, they feel as if it was them who had the thoughts and said the words.

Messages can be given either way, questions can be asked and matters can be cleared up. This can be comforting for anxious relatives; since it is so often that they lose someone when so much is left without having had the chance to say it. Guilt and regret can be released, doubt can be resolved and worry can be relieved.

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