If you made the mistake of buying someone a ouija board for Christmas, you probably now realise that all the warnings about them were absolutely true. They are not a piece of harmless fun. They are a doorway for and an invitation to things you don’t understand, don’t want and can’t deal with to enter the life of whoever uses them.

You might be lucky; possibly all that has been attracted is a lost soul of someone who has died and not moved on, or several lost souls.

You might not be lucky; the usual visitor is a demonic entity or a few of them. These are exactly what it says on the tin and, if they have been invited – even if stupidly – they feel a stronger right to stay. These cause as much disruption and damage as they can in the life of the host and their interactions with other people around them and then, when they have done as much of that as they can, the last thing is always to push the unfortunate host to take their own life.

If you want help, contact me.