Meditation in Oakham and Rutland, Stamford and Leicester

You don’t have to squeeze hard and do anything special to meditate, you just need to stop doing what you don’t need to do. The rest will happen all on its own; meditation is easy.

Just a two minute meditation is a break away from the stress of the day around you and has a positive effect on you. Half a dozen two minute meditations in any stressed day and people will see from your face that you are noticeably more relaxed. Meditation is an incredible stress-buster. As well as bringing relief to your mind, meditating will bring wellbeing to your body.

I can show you how easy it is to meditate in one of my meditation workshops. Firstly, I will tell you what happens and how it happens when you meditate. Then I will tell you of certain things you need to guard against and how to guard yourself. Then when you are good to go, I will show you the amazing ease with which you can enter meditation.

After several practices, you will gain confidence that it is as easy as I say and you will be able to do it yourself with no guidance. Later, I will talk about and show you some advanced things you can do from within the state of meditation. Some of these will surprise you.

Meditation does not have to be a ceremonial song and dance; you can snatch a meditation anywhere and you can be as quick as you like during a working day. Contact me to find more.