I just wanted to thank you for helping me with my phobia. Before now, I never thought I could walk past a **** without being terrified. However, after the last session there were two ****s only feet away from me. Unbelievably, I walked past without a single concern. I could not believe how it happened and neither did my family but it did and I am so happy to finally feel comfortable with ****s. So, thank you.


When I have fallen, you have been there, every time, to pick me up... You have been like a guardian angel whom I have been lucky enough to bump into. 


Things get better day by day.


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Stress is your reaction to what is going on around you when things are coming at you a little faster than you can deal with them; this can be in general, at home or at work. Annoyance builds up, this leads to frustration and a degree of Depression, a feeling of helplessness and Anger mix and come to the surface and you know that you have had better days. You may have sleeping problems; finding it difficult to get to sleep,  waking frequently, waking early or you may want to oversleep – none of this helps your situation.

One thing which may be noticed, especially at work, is that your decision making ability deteriorates; you put decisions off or make bad ones. Another thing that is affected is your eyesight; your perspective of distance starts to fail. This can obviously be dangerous when driving – turning, stopping, pulling out or overtaking but this will affect you right down to bumping into doorways and tables at home and at work. Also with your eyesight, stress brings another slightly lesser problem; bright lights actually hurt your eyes (car headlights all seem to be on beam when you are driving at night). With extreme stress, visual and audio hallucinations occur. These start at the perifery of your vision or just within your hearing and get stronger if you ignore the problem.

Your reactions to the things going on around you come from your character. This was formed, largely, during your childhood and was based on what you perceived from events and situations you went through back then. You are an adult, now, and can look at things differently – if you know the way. I can show you the way. You can update and recalibrate yourself to today’s life, rather than living today by a set of codes that were appropriate when you were a child (no wonder you have stress). The feeling of freedom, understanding and happiness is a very good trade for the way you feel now. Contact me now and find your way to a calmer, happier life.

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