Young people can build up anxiety about all sorts of things during their school years but school seems to be the cause, the trigger and the sum of it all because that is where any student’s life is mainly in focus. Any underlying anxieties are going to be given a sounding-board when exam times come.

School is where young people meet most of their peers, it is where they have to look cool and can look like a fool is they mess up some teen priority. There is extra pressure to that which parents may expect or understand. This is a hostile environment in which to carry buried anxieties. School becomes like a big barbecue where everything is going to sizzle. No wonder things seem to go wrong at or around school.

There is a technique which I have developed and it has changed the lives of many youngsters. We do this in hypnosis in order to open up the subconscious mind, where the hidden anxieties are stored. We deal with them, expending them of negative energy, rendering them harmless and leaving the student feeling fresh and free and happy.