Hypnotherapy in Oakham and Rutland, Stamford and Leicester for Phobias:

CBT in Oakham and Rutland, Stamford and Leicester for Phobias:

If you have a Phobia, you have an unreasonable fear of something which poses no threat to you in reality. It does in your mind, though. A Phobia will interrupt your life and stop you doing things you want to. People will often laugh at you because they don’t understand. The frustrating thing is that neither do you; Depression is often caused by this frustration.

Well, I understand. The cause of your Phobia nearly always has nothing to do with the subject of your Phobia. It has more to do with the way your subconscious uses the subject of your Phobia to make you feel.

This has the effect it does because feeling this way reminds your subconscious of another time when something unpleasant happened and you had a bad reaction but didn’t or couldn’t express it. How I can help you be free is to guide you back to the time when your Phobia was generated, then you can┬áre-assess the situation from today’s perspective. You will be surprised. You will understand how it happened but you will see that it has no place in your life today. Contact me now to talk about making your Phobia a thing of the past.