Hypnotherapy in Oakham and Rutland, Stamford and Leicester for Bipolar Disorder:

CBT in Oakham and Rutland, Stamford and Leicester for Bipolar Disorder:

Bipolar Disorder (Bipolar Depression, Manic Depression, Bipolar Disorder) is difficult to treat. Long cycle Bipolar Depression can sometimes be helped with CBT but short cycle Bipolar Depression (where the cycles are a few hours to a day or so) is almost impossible to work with due to the cycles changing during treatment.

However, short cycle Bipolar Depression can often be mis-diagnosed. The symptoms of short-cycle Bipolar Disorder overlap with something else, which GPs do not treat or recognise. This is something I do treat, most weeks. The treatment is normally one session. Relief is immediate.

I may be able to help, I may be able to free you of your problem; contact me now, it is worth a phone call or an email to find out.